Established in 2019, our vision is to bring about a new era in business management and economic development to the people and country of Iraq. We envision ourselves as having an active role in developing the country’s economy and infrastructure by utilizing local and international talents.

We are on a mission to bring a level of professionalism and competency that far exceeds the norms of business in the country. We aim to create a workplace environment that encourages innovation, trust, and transparency while providing the best value for our customers and stakeholders.

Industries we operate in


With a highly qualified team of experts in construction and architecture we offer world class services to private individuals, businesses, NGO and Government institutions.

General Trading

Operating in multiple industries from import and export to energy, machinery, agriculture and merchandise.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing consultancy, Public Relations and Communication solutions for Businesses, NGOs as well as Governments.

Oil & Gas

Working with International Oil Companies for field development, construction, production facilities, data analysis, and transportation services.



Import, Production and Distribution of tobacco related products, working with the world’s most renounced brands to bring products of highest quality from the around the world to Iraq.


Ownership and management of production facilities that operate in the field of poultry, particularly in Egg Production.

Real Estate

Acquisition, Management and Sale of different type of properties.


Border Security

Control of imports and exports of goods from
and to the country as well as facilitating documentation, approvals and security for companies as well as the government.